Ian Varney

Ian Varney completed his Advanced Diploma of Fine Art at LaTrobe Street College of Art and New Media in Melbourne Austaralia in 2004. Prior to this he was a Toronto based Family Physician for 23 years. In his oil landscapes, with their obscured gridworks and patterns, Ian seeks to remind us of the silent geometry and molecular constancy that remains hidden from our eyes. In his Encaustic work, he reassembles different landscape images, and integrates unrelated images to create new places not found in reality.

currently available work



18"x18" 38"x60"
12"x12" 12"x12"
18"x24" 30"x30"
40"x40" 40"x52"
30"x30" 30"x30"
30"x30" 40"x60"
46"x36" 40"x52"
18"x24" 24"x24"
12"x12" 12"x12" 30"x30"



past work