Redis Ranxha

Born in Albania in 1971, from the early age of 12 Redis had made up his mind to dedicate his life to painting, despite the continuous ambition of his parents for a bright future in the academic field. He concentrated on getting accepted into one of the finest art high schools of Albania, graduating in 1989, and right after that, pursuing the University of Tirana. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1994, specializing in graphics and design. Redis’ final diploma received excellent reviews by many well-known painters and artists nationwide. Redis has no limits in his creativity. His paintings vary in sizes, styles, reliefs and materials to mention just a few. He keeps evolving and exploring, continuously working daily and long hours, never satisfied and always in search of capturing that perfect moment that always seems to accelerate and slip beyond one’s breath.  In his long professional artistic career, Redis held many personal and group exhibitions in Europe and now in Canada. After exhibiting and selling his artwork as a professional artist in Europe in various galleries and private collections, he chose to live and create in Canada.

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