Susan Gale

Susan Gale's body of work speaks to the tradition of landscape painting through a lense of contemporary experience. Based on both rural and urban Canadian locations, the unique beauty in each is captured by using a uniform, slightly abstract treatment. This series explores the nostalgia of community by highlighting the juxtapose between the peaceful, quiet mystery of light and the rush of visually invoked sensation. Susan explores the sensibility that an image evokes by manipulating form, surface and palette to exaggerate each painting's elements of color, framing and texture. By employing rich hues and geometric lines this body of work seeks to investigate a space between abstraction and representation that allows for a rich, direct language of mark making. Susan's practice involves selecting images of everyday places and assigning them a subjective graphic meaning. In this form of expression gestures and shapes start to invoke a feeling of being transported to these places. By photographing landscapes and working the images through a lens of emotion, Susan brings beauty and form back to their most simple compositional elements: color, shape, structure, perspective, light, shadow, and value. Whether it's the architecturally lined streets of Toronto or a rural community in Newfoundland, Susan's unique aesthetic is the dominant theme in her work. The overall essence of light, composition and movement are given the same treatment. By blending reality and interpretation Susan celebrates the common thread that unites people throughout Canada.

Susan Gale has been painting for 10 years. She studied at NSCAD from 2000 to 2004 and has been exhibiting consistently since.

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