Amy Dryer

Amy Dryer is a full time painter who creates in a space of canvas, brushes and music. Amy's schooling is varied. She attended the Alberta College of Art, the Glasgow School of Art, and finished her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Mount Allison, in Sackville New Brunswick. Amy paints daily in her Calgary studio. The downtown warehouse space provides the perfect environment to create large and small canvases. Amy shows in galleries and private collections throughout Canada and the United States. In 2008, Amy was chosen – along with six other artists – to be featured in Avenue Magazine's "Calgary's Best" issue. Amy was shown on the cover of the magazine, followed by a short article. Amy Dryer upholds the belief that "the greatest art aspires to the state of music." Like music, Amy's paintings convey spontaneity, immediacy, movement and quiet reflection. Whether painting women, landscapes, umbrellas, children or butterflies, Amy brings a sense of color, gesture and movement to her canvases.

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48"x48" 44"x30" 44"x30"
48"x48" 48"x60"
30"x22" 48"x48"



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