Vanessa Cornell

Vanessa Cornell is a printmaker and painter currently living in Chatham, Ontario. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University, Toronto, specializing in printmaking and photography. Informed by her childhood growing up in a family of merchants and her infatuation with Victoria Secret Angels, Vanessa‚Äôs artistic practice explores our roles as consumers, luxury and notions of absence and presence. Her research revolves around themes associated with consumerism, commodity fetishism, conspicuous consumption, spectacle, display and desire. 

Vanessa Cornell recently completed a printmaking residency at Mahasarakham University, Thailand and an internship at the White Cube Gallery, London, UK. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally and most recently at Fashion in Art Toronto, 2014. Vanessa is currently a Master of Fine Arts candidate at the University of Windsor. 


currently available work

42"x29.5" 21"x29.5" 21"x29.5"
21"x29.5" 21"x29.5"  



past work