Donna Andreychuk

Donna was born on a farm in Kenilworth, Ontario in 1959. She grew up in the Hanover area where she attended high school and worked part time in the family wool shop. In 1984 she opened her own ladies clothing boutique, and after ten successful years, she sold the business and pursued her lifelong interest in art and painting.

Donna moved to Owen Sound in 1994 where she was surrounded by the Georgian Bay landscape and able to spend her days studying painting. After moving to London, ON in 1999, she began painting professionally. She now works out of her studio space in the heart of her hometown village of Delaware.

Donna Andreychuk’s work can be found in private collections worldwide, and in numerous corporate collections. Her main interest is in the Canadian landscape, with plein air painting playing an integral part in her process. Her work leans towards abstraction and borrows from other traditions, blending impressionism with Canadian and Scandinavian landscape styles. Donna's unique brushwork gives her paintings their brilliance and animates the surface, energizing the picture plane with colour and vibrancy.


currently available work

36"x48" 36"x60"
48"x36" 36"x48"
48"x60" 40"x60"
48"x48" 40"x30"
24"x36" 36"x48"
36"x60" 18"x24"
36"x36" 30"x40"
40"x30" 18"x24"
60"x40" 60"x40"



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