Eric McCully

Inspired by the beauty of nature and the human form, Eric paints his world: Children, the landscapes of his native home in Northern Ireland, and his new home in Canada. Born in 1960 to a working-class family in Belfast, Eric's talent for painting was discovered at an early age. He soon developed a yearning to experience more of the world, and has now visited 55 countries in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, North and South America. Eric had four children with his first love, Gillian, who died of cancer in 2001. In 2004 he moved his family to their new home in Ottawa, where he keeps his studio. Through the experiences of intense joy and sorrow afforded by his life, Eric has come to appreciate the true beauty that can be found in the simple things: a child dipping his feet in a lake for the first time, or the beauty of a sunset. Eric McCully's paintings have held prominent place in private collections around the world, and public collections in Northern Ireland, since 1990.

currently available work

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