Kim Rempel

Kim Rempel is a visual artist living in Grimsby, Ontario. Although primarily a plein air painter, in 2009 she joined the ranks of daily painters (the practice of creating a small painting daily and posting it to a blog). Rempel’s plein air pieces are colourful, expressive and explore the fragility and tenacity of nature. The ethereal qualities and vitality of the Canadian landscape fuels her work.

currently available work



30"x30" 6"x6" 6"x6"
30"x40" 12"x12" 16"x20"
36"x60" 40"x60"
12"x12" 30"x30"
6"x6" 6"x6" 6"x6" 6"x6"
6"x6" 6"x6"    


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