William Oldacre

For a long time, I’ve thought of my creative interests in terms of coincident cycles or alignments. Everything, literally everything around us, is in constant motion on many levels. My thinking is, all this movement is cyclic in nature – or rhythmic – that interesting things happen when these cycles coincide, reinforce and cancel each other, like interference patterns in waves on water. I’ve always thought of the coincident cycles as alignments – similar to how the planets cycling around the sun can spectacularly align, presenting us with eclipses. I consider the constant movement and cycling of all things as chaotic noise, but the alignments are awesome. They are an abrupt and tenuous formation of order, in the otherwise seeming chaos around us. They are tiny eddies of calm in a stormy sea of activity. In a way, I think of the movement of all things as a complex wave. It was Fourier who discovered that all sound waves can be deconstructed into individual Sine waves no matter how complex the sound. I think the chaotic movement around us can be similarly factored into individual, orderly, symmetric cycles – just like sound waves.Frankly, I’m truly only interested in the cool things that result when the movements intersect and align – hence, the summation of my creative efforts as – order from chaos.




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Coloured City series




Metro Motion series




Hope Bay series




Majesty series