Peter Colbert

The art of Peter Colbert reflects his love of the relationships of colour and simplicity, form and function, basically, his attempt to reduce art to its' most primal and elegant form. His creations are the result of a lifetime of drawing and painting. From first winning an art award in grade school in Toronto, to being awarded a scholarship at the Ontario College of Art, to winning awards for his fine art, Peter has been an artist of various disciplines. Peter has been known as an accomplished watercolourist, painter of the figure and landscape artist. Now he works primarily in the abstract. Peter believes in moving forward with a mission of continuous growth as an artist. With his intense study of colour and mixing of paint he regards the subconscious or incidental parts of his paintings to have as much importance as those that are clear to the naked eye. Peter Colbert's paintings can be found in personal and corporate collections across North America. Originally from Vancouver, B.C., Peter lived in Toronto for much of his life and now resides in Ottawa, Ontario.

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