Silvana Bruni

Silvana Bruni received her BFA Hons degree from York University in 1999 and has been developing and exhibiting her art extensively since then. Her work is held in numerous private collections in Canada, the U.S. and abroad, and can be found on book and music record covers. She was the recipient of the Honorable Mention Award for Mixed Media at the 2004 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, and an Ontario Arts Council Project Grant for Emerging Artists in 2011. Worn, battered drumskins (she's a drummer as well) and acrylic glass are Bruni's trademark canvases - the unique surfaces where her visual autobiographical narratives emerge. Informed and inspired by her own life, including the philosophy and practice of Zen Buddhism and yoga, Bruni's established oeuvre on glass and drumskins serves as the foundation for daily observations, dilemmas, insights and revelations. In her work on acrylic glass, Bruni explores the depth and space of its transparency, layering materials that include found objects from her daily surroundings either collaged or traced into the image, converging to build intimate, dynamic narratives. On the other end of the spectrum, Bruni's work on used drumskins has very little added to the marks left from drumsticks, creating latent images that the artist sees afterwards - simple, poignant, playful pictures that carry on from where the beat left off.


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