Michael Brown

TRIK, CAUSR, BIRD, graffiti tags birthed in the middle of the night. Michael Brown’s artwork is heavily influenced by big cities: places where sanctioned advertising and signage competes for space with street art and graffiti. This artist uses his canvas as a place to create and to explore symbols drawn from his subconscious. The placement of a symbol within a square or rectangle on his canvas is synonymous to a graffiti tag on a rectangular newspaper box or an arrow on a one-way street sign. Michael has exhibited at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit and the Toronto International Art Fair. He is a recipient of grants from the Toronto and Ontario Arts Councils. read more


currently available works

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11.5"x15 9"x22" 28"x40" 13"x10" 48"x42" 30"x40"


past work

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